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Color Theory

Beat the Winter Blahs

chase away the winter blahsThe days are cold and blustery. It seems to be dark all the time. We crave comfort foods and hibernation. It's winter in New England! For some of us, winter means hitting the slopes and cross-country trails. For the rest of us, it's the perfect time to add or change the colors around our home.

To give you the lift you need, here are some ways to brighten your mood and your living spaces.

Bringing in color in 3 spots gives your eye a path to travel around the room.

If you are not inclined to take on a complete painting project, inject some bright colors in small doses. Bright for some of us means lemon yellow or orange. But you could also use a bright, clear turquoise or fuchsia if you have neutral colors. Try using white if your room consists of a dark color palette.

Light a few candles to add extra warmth and ambient glow.

Replace your toss pillows and add a comfy throw for an uplifting shot of color in your living or family room. Change out your artwork with some bright prints. Or place a brightly colored vase or accessory on your mantel. Bringing in a color in three different spots will give your eye a path to travel around the room.

chase away the winter blahsFor a nice change of pace, try adding some "fresh" elements to a room. This way we stay connected to nature and the thought of spring is not be so far away! Add some fresh flowers in bright colors to your dining room or kitchen table. Place a bowl of tangerines or lemons on your kitchen counter or island. Grow (or buy) some herbs or grass in a cheery, decorative container.

Lighting is also very important. The mere fact that it gets dark earlier means that we need sufficient lighting in a room. Add a table lamp or two. Look around your room and see if there is enough light to do the things you enjoy: reading a book, checking your email or playing board games with the kids. Don't forget about candlelight. Light a few candles to add that extra warmth and ambient glow.

Need some guidance with color choices? We're available for color and paint consults!

Should you need some additional guidance choosing your colors, keep in mind that we are available for color and paint consultation. It doesn't take much to change the feel of your living spaces. Bright colors, fresh flowers and warm candlelight always brighten our moods. And don't forget, Spring is just around the corner!

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